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Feature: Akari Lights

Step into a world of lighting that's as much about art as it is about functionality – that's the essence of Akari lights. These lighting creations have their roots in Japan and are renowned for their exceptional blend of aesthetics and practicality. 

Akari lights are meticulously crafted using traditional Japanese washi paper and other natural materials. They're designed to cast a soft, warm glow, reminiscent of the gentle radiance from a classic Japanese lantern. It's like having a piece of Japan's rich cultural heritage lighting up your space.

One of the biggest admirers of Akari light design was Isamu Noguchi, an artist and designer who hailed from Japan but made a name for himself in America. Noguchi's fascination with these lights led him to Gifu, a town famous for its lanterns and umbrellas. There, he adopted the traditional Gifu method in his own creations. Today, Noguchi's Akari lamps continue to stand as iconic examples of Japanese design, a testament to the timelessness of these pieces.


Akari lights are all about simplicity with a touch of sophistication. They embody a delicate balance between light and shadow, thanks to their minimalist design. The use of washi paper allows these lights to emit a gentle, diffused illumination that brings a sense of serenity and calm to any space. These lights are equally at home in traditional Japanese interiors as they are in contemporary settings, seamlessly capturing the elegance and simplicity of Japanese aesthetics.


Across the globe, Akari light design is celebrated as a unique and artistic approach to illuminating spaces. It's a reflection of Japan's commitment to grace and harmony with nature. These lights aren't just sources of light; they are exquisite works of art that infuse a touch of Japanese culture and craftsmanship into modern interior spaces, making them all the more inviting and beautiful.

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