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SoleSplit Tabi Socks

SoleSplit Tabi Socks

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Introducing our SoleSplit Tabi Socks - the perfect blend of style, comfort, and tradition. These unique socks are designed to complement your traditional Japanese geta sandals, ensuring both fashion and functionality.

The Japanese word for "geta socks" is "Tabi socks" (足袋靴下). Tabi socks are specially designed to be worn with traditional Japanese footwear like geta, and they have the distinctive split-toe design that allows the big toe to be separated from the other toes, similar to the traditional tabi shoes.

Experience the fusion of tradition and modernity with our SoleSplit Tabi Socks. Whether you're attending a cultural event, embracing Japanese fashion trends, or simply looking for comfortable and stylish socks, these socks are the perfect choice. Elevate your sock game and step out in style with the elegance of Japanese heritage. Order your pair today and take a step toward embracing a unique fashion statement that bridges the gap between the past and the present.        


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Wash per standard socks.

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