How to make a Matcha Latte

How to make a Matcha Latte

A Matcha Latte is a delicious and vibrant drink made with matcha green tea powder and steamed milk. Some enjoy it cold and use chilled milk. Matcha is a powdered green tea that is known for its vibrant green color and unique flavor profile. Matcha lattes have gained popularity for their rich, creamy texture, earthy taste and the health benefits associated with matcha.

To make a Matcha Latte, you will need the following ingredients:
- 1 teaspoon of matcha green tea powder
- 1 teaspoon of sweetener (such as sugar, honey, or agave nectar), optional
- 2 ounces of hot water (not boiling)
- 8 ounces of milk (dairy or plant-based)


Here's a step-by-step guide on how to make a Matcha Latte:

  1. Sift the matcha powder into a bowl or a cup to remove any clumps and ensure a smooth texture.
  1. . If desired, add your preferred sweetener to the matcha powder and mix well.
  1. Heat the water to around 175°F (80°C), ensuring it's hot but not boiling. Add the hot water to the bowl with the matcha powder. Use a bamboo whisk, or a small whisk, to whisk the mixture vigorously in a zigzag motion until the matcha powder is fully dissolved and a frothy layer forms on top.
  1. In a separate container, heat and froth the milk using a milk frother or by heating it on the stove and whisking vigorously until frothy. Some simply add cold milk directly to the matcha powder, mix well and enjoy it cold.
  1. Pour the frothed milk into the matcha mixture, holding back the foam with a spoon to control the pour. 
  1. Stir gently to combine the matcha and milk, or you can leave it layered for an appealing presentation. Optionally, you can sprinkle some additional matcha powder on top of the latte for garnish or dust with cocoa powder.


Your Matcha Latte is now ready to be enjoyed! The drink combines the vibrant, earthy flavor of matcha, with the creamy texture of steamed milk. Feel free to adjust the sweetness level and milk-to-matcha ratio according to your preference. Some variations include adding a dash of vanilla extract or using alternative milk options like almond, soy or oat milk. It's a perfect option for green tea lovers or anyone looking for a warm and comforting beverage.

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