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Houjicha (Hojicha) Roasted Green Tea

Houjicha (Hojicha) Roasted Green Tea

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Indulge in the Charm of Organic Houjicha - A Kyoto Delight

Unearth the smoky, sweet, and caramel-like flavor of our Organic Houjicha (hojicha) – a roasted green tea hailing from the heart of Kyoto's tea heritage. Crafted a century ago, this distinct tea is a testament to tradition and unmatched quality. Its lower caffeine content makes it the perfect evening companion or post-dinner delight.

A Journey to Wazuka, Japan

We've embarked on a voyage to Wazuka, a charming village in Japan, to source our Organic Houjicha from dedicated family tea farmers. Nestled in the picturesque hills, these passionate growers cultivate premium, organic tea while upholding the values of sustainable farming. With each sip, you taste the essence of their commitment to quality.

Houjicha's Craftsmanship: A Time-Honored Process

The journey of Houjicha begins with the careful plucking of premium tea leaves from Wazuka's steep hills. Swiftly steamed and dried to prevent oxidization, the leaves retain their verdant essence. What follows is a meticulous roasting in porcelain pots over charcoal, a process that infuses the tea with the perfect aroma and flavor. Houjicha's unique character is born from this age-old craftsmanship.

Brewing Houjicha: A Ritual of Flavor

To savor the rich depth of our Organic Houjicha, steep 4g of leaves in 200mL of freshly boiled water for 1 minute. The loose tea can be placed in a tea filter or strainer, making the process effortless. Don't stop at one brew; Houjicha can be steeped up to three times, unveiling new layers of taste.

For those who relish the tradition, follow these steps:

1. Begin by bringing a pot of fresh water to almost boiling.
2. Measure 8g of tea leaves into your teapot.
3. Immediately pour 400mL of hot water into the teapot.
4. Allow the tea to steep for 30-60 seconds.
5. If your teapot lacks a built-in strainer, use a tea strainer while pouring the brewed tea into your teacup.

Now, savor the moment and enjoy your tea twice more, adjusting the temperature and steeping time. Our Organic Houjicha invites you to explore its depths, sip by sip.

Elevate Your Tea Experience with Organic Houjicha

Experience the essence of Kyoto's tea heritage with our Organic Houjicha. It's more than tea; it's a journey to the heart of Japan's tea tradition, a testament to craftsmanship, and a delightful addition to your tea collection. Shop now and embrace the allure of Organic Houjicha.


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