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JIZO Statue

JIZO Statue

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Jizo is one of the most beloved bodhisattvas in Japan; a protector of travellers and small children. 

Our Jizo Statue's small size makes him the perfect addition to any small space or nook.

A Jizo Statue is a specific type of Buddhist statue found in Japan and other parts of East Asia. Jizo is a bodhisattva, a being who has attained enlightenment but chooses to remain in the cycle of rebirth to assist others in their spiritual journey. Jizo is particularly revered as a protector of travellers, small children and souls in the afterlife.

One notable characteristic of Jizo statues is their warm and approachable demeanor, which is meant to provide solace and reassurance to those facing difficulties or grief.

Size: 3.7in x 1.7in --- 9.5cm x 4.5cm

Care: statue will fade in direct sunlight. 



Care information

Will fade in direct sun.
Bring your statues indoors during winter.

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