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Midori Matcha Tea Set

Midori Matcha Tea Set

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Indulge in an authentic Japanese tea experience with our Midori Matcha Tea Set, designed to help you create the perfect cup of matcha at home. Whether you're preparing for a traditional tea ceremony or simply looking to enjoy a soothing matcha latte, this set has everything you need to elevate your matcha tea experience.

The heart of this set is the ceramic matcha bowl (Chawan), meticulously crafted for matcha preparation. Its wide opening and flat bottom are specifically designed to make whisking matcha into a smooth and frothy texture a breeze. Each sip will transport you to the serene tea rooms of Japan.

For the key ingredient in this delicate ritual, the set includes a natural bamboo matcha whisk (Chasen). This handcrafted wonder boasts delicate bristles that expertly whisk the matcha into a fine, frothy delight. A simple back-and-forth motion with this whisk creates a silky and creamy matcha texture that will please your palate.

To keep your matcha whisk in impeccable condition, our set also includes a whisk holder (Chasen Kusenaoshi). This clever accessory helps maintain the shape of the whisk and prolong its lifespan, ensuring your matcha experience remains exquisite.

Adding an authentic touch to your matcha preparation is the bamboo matcha tea spoon (Chashaku). Crafted from a single piece of bamboo, this spoon allows you to measure the perfect amount of matcha powder for each cup. It's not just a tool; it's a reflection of the rich traditions and heritage of Japanese tea culture.

Key Features:

1. **Authentic Japanese Tea Experience**: Our Midori Matcha Tea Set includes all the essential tools for a traditional matcha tea ceremony or for indulging in matcha at home. It brings the essence of Japan to your doorstep.

2. **High-Quality Materials**: Crafted from high-quality ceramic and natural bamboo, the bowl, whisk, and spoon are not only durable but also safe for food preparation. Your health and satisfaction are our top priorities.

3. **Handcrafted Bamboo Whisk**: The natural bamboo whisk is a masterpiece with its delicate bristles, ensuring you achieve a fine and frothy matcha texture every time.

4. **Whisk Holder for Maintenance**: Our set includes a whisk holder to preserve the shape and prolong the lifespan of the bamboo whisk, guaranteeing you years of matcha enjoyment.

5. **Bamboo Matcha Tea Spoon**: The bamboo matcha tea spoon is a testament to the authenticity of your matcha preparation, adding a touch of tradition and culture to your tea time.

Elevate your matcha tea experience with our Midori Matcha Tea Set. This set is more than just tools; it's an invitation to savor the rich flavors and frothy texture of matcha, all while immersing yourself in the serene ambiance of a traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Create moments of tranquility and pleasure with every sip. Make our Midori Matcha Tea Set a part of your tea routine today.


Ceramic, bamboo

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