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Japanese Kyusu

Japanese Kyusu

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Elevate your tea experience with our Kyusu Teapot, a traditional Japanese gem designed for green and oolong tea. Crafted for tea enthusiasts, it's user-friendly with a convenient side-handle, making precise pouring a breeze. No more fussing with loose leaves; the built-in ceramic filter ensures a clear and smooth infusion, free from unwanted leaves in your cup.

What truly sets the Kyusu apart is its thoughtful design. It grants your tea leaves the room they need to gracefully unfurl and release their full flavor and aroma. The result? A cup of tea that's not just delicious but a fragrant symphony for your senses.

  • Easy to Use: Kyusu teapots are designed with a convenient side-handle that makes it easy to pour tea with precision and control. This makes it a user-friendly option, especially for those who are new to brewing loose leaf tea.
  • Built-in Ceramic Filter: our kyusu teapot comes with a built-in ceramic filter that allows you to brew loose leaf tea directly in the pot. The ceramic filter helps to strain the tea leaves, ensuring that you get a clear and smooth tea infusion without any tea leaves escaping into your cup.
  • Room for Tea Leaves to Expand: The design of a kyusu teapot typically allows ample space for tea leaves to expand and unfurl during brewing, which helps to release their flavours fully. This allows for a more flavourful and aromatic cup of tea, as the tea leaves have room to bloom and infuse properly.
  • Usage: When pouring tea from a kyusu teapot, it's important to keep your finger on the lid to keep it in place. This prevents the lid from falling off while pouring and ensures that your tea is poured smoothly without any spills.
  • Ideal Capacity: The capacity of a kyusu teapot is 165ml, designed to brew the perfect amount of tea for one or two servings, making it ideal for personal use or for sharing a cup of tea with a friend.

Discover the essence of Japanese tea brewing. Elevate your tea game with our Kyusu Teapot – a fusion of tradition, functionality, and pure tea satisfaction. Every sip will be a celebration of flavor, every pour a graceful ritual. Try it now and embrace the authentic taste of Japanese tea.

Teapot - 165ml



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