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Shiru Bowls

Shiru Bowls

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Introducing our Shiru Bowl - a celebration of authentic Japanese dining experience right in the comfort of your home. Crafted with attention to detail, this beautifully designed bowl encapsulates the essence of traditional Japanese tableware.

Designed to accommodate generous portions of steaming hot ramen, udon, or any hearty soup, this large bowl is perfect for satisfying your cravings for soul-warming comfort food. Its spacious capacity allows you to create delightful presentations with an array of toppings, from succulent slices of chashu pork to an assortment of fresh vegetables and aromatic herbs. 

Made from high-quality ceramic, our Shiru Bowl ensures excellent heat retention, keeping your favorite dishes at the perfect temperature throughout your meal. Its smooth glaze not only enhances the bowl's durability but also makes it effortless to clean after each delightful dining experience.

Whether you're a ramen enthusiast, a connoisseur of Japanese cuisine, or simply seeking to elevate your dining experiences, our Shiru Bowl is a must-have addition to your tableware collection. Bring the authentic charm of Japan into your home and create cherished memories as you savor the rich flavors of your favorite soupy delicacies.



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Hand wash with a gentle detergent.

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