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Zafu Meditation Pillow

Zafu Meditation Pillow

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Imagine sinking into a world of tranquility and inner peace with the gentle embrace of our Zafu Meditation Pillow. These specially crafted cushions are your companions on your meditation journey, offering not just comfort but a deeper connection to your practice.

Whether you're venturing into the serene realms of mindfulness meditation, exploring the ancient paths of Zen meditation, or diving into the profound depths of Vipassana meditation, a meditation pillow becomes your steadfast ally. It's not merely a cushion; it's your silent supporter in the quest for mental clarity and serenity.

In the stillness of your meditation space, your pillow becomes the cornerstone of your practice. Its purpose is simple yet profound: to cradle your body in a way that allows you to maintain an upright and comfortable posture during those extended moments of stillness. This, my friend, is the essence of meditation—the art of stillness and introspection.

Picture this: As you settle into your meditation posture, the pillow gently supports your hips, your knees find solace in its softness, and your ankles rest with ease. It's like a sigh of relief for your joints and muscles, reducing any strain or discomfort that might distract you from your meditation. With this thoughtful support, you can extend your practice, deepening your connection with your inner self. 

Now, a friendly reminder: When it comes to these cushions, dimensions are a bit like our own lives—subject to minor variations. They're manually measured, so there may be a tiny margin for error, typically around +2cm. But hey, isn't that a beautiful metaphor for life? Imperfections, embraced gracefully, can lead to the most profound moments of self-discovery.

So, as you embark on your meditation journey or continue your soul-nurturing practice, let our Zafu Meditation Pillow be your steadfast companion, cradling you in comfort and stillness. It's not just a cushion; it's an invitation to delve deeper into the serene world within you.

Note that tatamis and zabutons are oversized items. 


Corduroy, filler cotton

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Wipe with a damp cloth

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